We want you back on the road Robert-Hang in Bro!


Robert which is one of the best motorcycle rider I have ever met, got hit by some jerk playing with his cell phone while driving his stupid car! If you want To help Robert and his family you can donate : http://www.gofundme.com/hue2bo

School Bar Atelier - Part II

School Bar Atelier - Part I

Jean-Claude (JC) which is the owner of School Bar Atelier had open house. I couldn't miss this one. JC and his brothers are running one of the french Boozefighters MC Chapters. Those guys are really cool and JC is a awesome and long time bike builder in France. This place is a Harley junkyard, permanent swap meet, Bar, fun place, Antiques, chopper/bobber building weirdos...and for those of you who are collectors, JC has a huge collection of vinyl discs specializing in biker movies sound tracks, which he trades. Check him out!

Italy - June 2014

Met Jon an Wolf in Italy. Took them to the port of Ancona where they catched the ferry to Croatia...miss u guys,. see you in California!!

...beer break at Man Cave Bar in Jesi (AN) Italy

Love Cycles in Luxembourg - June 2014

I was so happy to have my little brother Jeremiah visiting me in Luxembourg. Was a short visit but an unforgetable. Thanks to all my buddies who attended the spontanouse party !


Butcher ( http://www.1000-hills-run.blogspot.de) send me pictures... Thanx man!


First serious ride with the latest winter projects...that was "Fukengrüven"! So much fun building them and even more riding them!!