Butcher ( http://www.1000-hills-run.blogspot.de) send me pictures... Thanx man!


First serious ride with the latest winter projects...that was "Fukengrüven"! So much fun building them and even more riding them!!

Horn to Air Filter

Converted an useless horn cover to a cheap air filter...you know best, it works! hehehe!

With a little help of your friends

That's how dumb I look building a bike without any help of my friends!
Over all these years I learned so much about mechanics, tooling, welding, painting..thanks to these true friends and brothers.Without you guys it would have been impossible to get a bike ever finished!
 Pat (engineering, tooling, welding, mechanic, fabricating...) & Marcel (mechanic & wiring and maniac of precision) Marcel is wild and loud but if you don't mess around with him he is one of the dearest human I ever meet!
 Carlo (mechanic& tooling, fabricating) and specializing in throwing things throughout the workshop when he gets angry...I love to work with Carlo cause I learn a bunch of new swear while we work together.

 Pat, our last resort! Our oasis of calm,when nothing works, we all call Pat!! A special thank to Pat, he is always on my side in the workshop and along the road. Pat is specializing in rebuilding Harley engines (from Flathead to EVO's) and transmissions.

Georges (Painting and the most funniest guy ever, probably had too much thinner and harmful vapors in his life)

and finally my lovely wife who keeps up with all my crap since 25 years


Tribute to my Brothers

In 2008, Carlo and I have been building this baby. We then named it "Tribute to my Brothers". Basically all started one night during a drinking bout in Smax's garage. Once we reached the right alcohol level we decided to start the " Salt Lake Project". So, what you see here is the result of a Harley Brothers booze-up. We never made it to Salt Lake, we barely made to the lake side of Weiswampach (in Luxembourg),  its less salty but who cares we had a good time anyway, hahaha!! Its time to revisit this bike...lets have some beers!!

French Kustom

My buddy David came by the workshop to say hi on his bad ass shovel.