Alexis Knuckle

My friend Alexis wants me to build him a Knuckle to go down the road. Cool enough he is leaving me free artistic reign on this project. Thanks dude! I believe I am going to have a lot of fun on this built. The Veterama swapmeet in Mannheim is coming up this weekend and I am hoping to find some nice parts for his baby. The Garage Hangout will have a stand (nr.909 on field 6) at the Veterama so if anybody out there is at the swapmeet, stop by, we got beer!! :-))

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Ailton© a dit…

Hello there man, how's life?
You're having fun over there on this old buddy :") hope you'll find good parts to dress it up. Seems like Knuckleheads are easy to find over at your place, i'm still searching for the perfect ones for my Pan-Project but well i got the time :"P

Take care brother and keep us posted with this project.