Stole this pic on the net...I miss my dog!

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Oooooooh i'm in the same mood and scrool this morning on pics of my dead cat :/
Pets are real family members.

Ailton© a dit…

I'm in the same boat with you Olivia & Andrea :"(
My dog "Mingou" passed away a few years ago but i still miss that little fellah :")
Pets are the best!!!

Hope everything is well with you Andrea. Are you coming to Bottrop again next summer? And you Olivia? Are you in for our party? Maybe you can get a ride with Franck ^^

Cheers from Holland,


This year if i could go to my fav rockabilly events it will be enought great. Because i need to save my money for my bike. Not really easy here in France. So i don't think i could move a lot this year particulary in north europe :/

*but one day who knows ? :)

Ailton© a dit…

I get the point Olivia :") and yes, first things first.
I have to safe money also, i'm planning to visit my family in Brasil very soon, but i'm lucky Bottrop is just around the corner for me.

Hope to meet you then, and so long let's keep ourselves posted on the www :"P

Saluti a tutti!!!

Virgan a dit…

Thanks for your compassion my friends! :-)
No I won't be in Bottrop this year but I will have a stand with the Garage Hangout at the 1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show in Chimay, Belgium. By the way Ailton, the Frisco Shovel is sold. Hope to meet you guys there,So long!


You should all come in Spain for cheap sangria and 50's music on the beach. Really !! I mean ! you don't have enought about rainy events in North Europe ? ;)

Of course Low cost flights are less glorious to go than an old bike but did you hear the sounds of the warm mediterranean sea ??? :)))

Bye Bye Guys 8)


Ailton© a dit…

Olivia --- You're right darling, the sea is THE BEST i agree, but Spain is not in my plans this year, maybe in 2013, who will tell. ^^

Andrea --- You'll be missed in Bottrop man.
But what a great news my friend, I'm also going to Chimay-Belgium so let's hook up there brother :") Since we only met via our blog (i met your knucklehead already you know that) it's time to have a drink and meet in real live, right?

Are you guys bringing parts/bikes to sale?
How about the knuckle-chopper you were working on? On the road already?
I just can't wait to see it man, hahaha, it will be big fun in Belgium, that's for sure :"D

I can't wait.

PS: Good to know that the Shovel is sold, i'll take it off my blog ;")

Cheers, And have a good weekend you 2.