Love In Luxembourg

on my way to San Francisco...

A few month ago Beer aka Grizzly came to Luxembourg to picture my "Long Pan" and wrote about how it happen that a Love Cycle chopper is now rolling on the old continent. I think he did a really good job, unfortunatly the editor did a mistake in the texte. Somewhere in the story they omitted to place the word "of" which consequently brought Dick Allen back to live. The text says "...did Highway 1 and actually met an old friend and biker cult figure, Dick Allen" instead of  saying "... did Highway 1 and actually met an old friend of biker cult figure, Dick Allen". Grizzly was not amused I guess. Who cares, Shit happens, anyway, a big thanks to Grizzly and Cycle Source.

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Bel article et belle machine.
Et en plus cela prouve qu'avec beaucoup d’opiniâtreté les rêves se réalisent.

Bravo !