Upcoming events on march 2013

 As every year we (Garage Hangout) will have a stand on the Veterama. Last run for parts before the season starts...hope to score!! :-))

The Garage Hangout and I will attend the 22nd RMC Chopper Show on 31 march 2013 in De Weijver-Hougwood, Netherlands. Among other choppers we did build we will display these 2 choppers built by my bro Jeremiah of  Love Cycles in Phoenix, AZ. More info on the bike and the show:http://virgan82.blogspot.com/ and http://garagehangout.blogspot.com/ or http://rogues-mc.com/  
Hope to meet you guys on one of this events. (Look for the Garage Hangout / Harley Brothers stand)

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