Brothers Campout, Run & Roots

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Butcher a dit…

Hi Andrea,

looks like an absolutely great party...I´m so sorry and fuckin´angry, that I haven´t been there...I´ve been on long- bokked- family- hollidays...but many of my friends (Marc with his Rigid Shovel from Hameln, Karl with his Knuck- Chop from Paderborn, Choppermoelle and Vosen from the Customcyclecrew Wickede with a very small XS650- Chop and a Golden Digger with CB 450 motor and many more) have been there and they were enthusiastic and excited.
So I´ll try to make it next year.
Maybe we meet at my party in September ? We would be glad to meet ya.

Cheers from Germany and congratulations for that great party.

Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN