Oct,2013 - Monte San Vicino - Italy

The San Vicino is a mountain Umbria-Marche Apennines located along the border between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata.
This mountain has a special feature : view from the south is shaped like a camel's hump , from the north takes on a form tricuspid , and from the east or west looks like an extinct volcano. In some photos taken in conditions of particular visibility of the coast of Croatia , Mount San Vicino is easily recognizable .
On top of the mountain there is a large iron cross . At one time, on Easter Monday , the inhabitants of the neighboring countries used to go on a picnic with Easter pizzas and sausages on top of the mountain.
From time immemorial there is a proverb related to the San Vicino , who helped in the prediction of climate during the winter. There are two versions of the proverb . The first reads: If San Vicino puts a hat, sell your goats and buy a coat ; If San Vicino puts his pants , sell your cloak and buy goats . The hat and breeches ( trousers ) are the clouds which cover , respectively, or the top of the mountain or the base, leaving the top visible in the first case it is expected that it will rain , in the second it will be good weather. In recent times the word " cloak " has been replaced by the more modern "umbrella" .
The second version is that reported by elderly from Frontale di Apiro , the last town on the slopes of the mountain, and is perhaps the most truthful : If San Vicino puts the hat , sell your cloak and buy the goat , if sbraca San Vicino , sell your cloak and buy the goat. The elders of the village say that the hat is not reported to the clouds , but the first snowfall of winter : if this will cover only the top of the mountain the winter will be cold and stiff ( sell the goat and buy the cloak ), if , instead , the first snowfall sbracherà , or will " expand too much," the snow will affect not only the top of the mountain , but also the country ( sell your cloak and buy the goat , because the winter is not will be stiff ) .

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