Good friend!

Went visiting my good friend A.from C. I won't tell you where this is!! hahahaha

Front brake and Sissybar

In order to be able to keep a semi-clean handlebar and still be able to run a disk brake I used a leftover master cylinder which I hid behind the headlight. Here the fabricated bracket combines the support of the master cylinder and the headlight...should work! and makes things pretty easier to run my homemade bunny ear handlebars (not shown on the pictures). Sissybar fabrication is done too, need a chromer!!

Sporty Exhaust Fabrication

Why buying an exhaust if you can take down your mom's stainless steel railing!! Don't get caught!!

Winter = new project!

This year I have been ahead with winter checks of my bikes, leaving plenty of time to start a new project before spring. Unlike my usual this winter I will not assign myself to old iron. I found a ‘96 Sportster EVO on which I will let off steam. I have always wanted to do a motorcycle from scratch based on a Sportster ... I like Sportsters!  My friend Nick sent me these pictures he took without my knowledge… F..k I am old!! Hehehe!!

We want you back on the road Robert-Hang in Bro!


Robert which is one of the best motorcycle rider I have ever met, got hit by some jerk playing with his cell phone while driving his stupid car! If you want To help Robert and his family you can donate :

School Bar Atelier - Part II

School Bar Atelier - Part I

Jean-Claude (JC) which is the owner of School Bar Atelier had open house. I couldn't miss this one. JC and his brothers are running one of the french Boozefighters MC Chapters. Those guys are really cool and JC is a awesome and long time bike builder in France. This place is a Harley junkyard, permanent swap meet, Bar, fun place, Antiques, chopper/bobber building weirdos...and for those of you who are collectors, JC has a huge collection of vinyl discs specializing in biker movies sound tracks, which he trades. Check him out!

Italy - June 2014

Met Jon an Wolf in Italy. Took them to the port of Ancona where they catched the ferry to Croatia...miss u guys,. see you in California!! break at Man Cave Bar in Jesi (AN) Italy