Gammler Schapp Assoc. - Choppaz69

Went visiting my buddies from the Gammler Schapp which are a couple of friends who  founded Gammler Schapp association. Their passion is wrenching together on their bikes, ride them, meeting people with the same interest and Party Hardy. I guess in a short amount of time they will roll nice bikes out of their workshop and that's what we need in this country. Another cool thing is that basicly the association is a mix of old time bike wrenchers sharing their skills with a bunch of youngsters which are keen to learn how to build bikes without spending millions. I like their attitude, check them out !

True Brother

As on every wednesdays Mike, which is a true brother, came by the Garage Hangout and took some pictures. As he feels that my blog is slowing down, which is right, he did sent me some pics to post. Mike runs the Harley Brother blog and the Garage Hangout blog Thanks Bro for being you!!!

Use Me - Bill Withers (1972)

Sorry folks for having been lazy posting...needed some timeout...lay back and enjoy Bill Withers