Warm Up

Don't know about you guys but I am already in my warm up session and ready to face 2012! I deeply feel its gonna be a good year! Fuck the crisis and the mayan calendar!! Cheers my friends!!

Christmas Eve

The boyfriend of my niece sent me this picture of Christmas Eve. Aside from the fact that I look dumb its a nice pic and souvenir. Thanks Tom

Calendar 2012

My buddy Gustav from Widegrens Speedshop send my his latest shop calendar. He is such a generous guy, I mean look, you buy car, you get a free shirt!! A FREE SHIRT!! Thats crazy! thats awesome!! hahahaha. Thanks Gustav!

HA San Berdoo '65 -Inside The Mother Charter - By Bill Ray

Some biker culture and nice bike pics by the end of the year. A few of todays bikes have their roots in this book. Get a copy. Looking at those pictures makes me realize again that lives is a continual coming and going. One day an old biker and friend of mine told me "listen brother, don't know whats going on but kids of today all of a sudden love my old Panhead, they even love me...I mean the chicks. You know what! To be cool you just have to wait long enough and asking for nothing ,snap, you're the coolest dude in town..hehehe!!"


Stole this on Le Container blog...I love this Kid! Mom's nightmare, dad's pride!

Virgan82 goes Italy

Farm located in the Marche region, which is a wonderful place to ride bikes under perfect weather conditions. Only 20 min to the beaches (Senigalli, Porto Recanti, Numana, Sirolo,..etc) and one hour for snowboarding. The farm needs restauration, hope to get it ready for this summer. Lots of room and land to store mechnical disasters :-)), wrenching and partying.  The perfect biker hideout!

Troubles Only

Allright girls, which one of you has a garage, a trailer and owns a liquor store!?...none of you?! get out of my tent!! ;-))

For sale: 883 Sportster Custom

Brigitte aka"Biggi" is selling her Sportster, she needs € 5.000.- or best offer.. for more info call 00352-691416711 (Andrea)


F..ck!! that was a lousy looooonnnng week! I'll go for beer but I won't shit on my back porch..well not yet! :-))