A few more details to finish, a little fine tuning and my own personal "Elektra Glide" will be ready to roll. Since I usually ride more radical bikes some friends and brothers now use to say that this bike must be my E-Glide...well I guess they are right. Must be nice to travel and being able to carry more than just a pair of socks! hahahaha!

For sale: 1993 Softail Custom

For sale 1993 Softail Custom, 23k miles, comes with original parts, Price € 9.500.- The bike is located in Luxembourg. For more info, and no she's doesn't come with the bike, sorry!! ;-)

Tank remember the helmet I messed up!? Here I try myself on a tank, I'll probably mess up the tank too, so if you want a good laugh stay tuned hahahaha!

Elephant's Memory

The band also appeared in the 1983 documentary filmHell's Angels Forever, in which they appear at the Hells Angels' Pirates Party held on the SS Bay Belle on September 5, 1973, together with the Jerry Garcia Band.