38 Knuckle

My buddy Marco from Brittany send me pictures of his freshly restored Knuckle...nice job!! Marco is  organising the Boogie Beach in June, which used to be the Boogie Farmers. The guys in Brittany use to ride a whole lot of old iron. And what I do really like on french parties is the food and the wine - junk food in France is a no go! The french should just stop doing Line Dance on their parties! :-)) its imbarrassing! Anyway Vive la France!

Love In Luxembourg

on my way to San Francisco...

A few month ago Beer aka Grizzly came to Luxembourg to picture my "Long Pan" and wrote about how it happen that a Love Cycle chopper is now rolling on the old continent. I think he did a really good job, unfortunatly the editor did a mistake in the texte. Somewhere in the story they omitted to place the word "of" which consequently brought Dick Allen back to live. The text says "...did Highway 1 and actually met an old friend and biker cult figure, Dick Allen" instead of  saying "... did Highway 1 and actually met an old friend of biker cult figure, Dick Allen". Grizzly was not amused I guess. Who cares, Shit happens, anyway, a big thanks to Grizzly and Cycle Source.