4th Swapmeet in Dudelange / Luxembourg - November 9th

Its the place to be on 9th of November 2013.  For sure less parts than on the Veterama but definitely the better place to score!! Loads of  Harley parts and bikes,Good people and good prices. For more info: 00352621195522 or email harleyswapmeet@gmail.com.

Among parts I will have this 49 Panhead for sale on the swapmeet
See you there

For sale Dodge 1500RAM (SOLD)

I am selling my Van. 2001 Dodge 1500RAM, V6 but sounds like a V8, 130 kw/177 CV, 77500 km, daily driver, clean condition, regulary inspected by Dodge dealership, air con. servo, ABS, comes with sommer&winter tires, can load up to 2 Harleys,...price € 4.500.- For more info virgan82@googlemail.com.

Oct,2013 - Monte San Vicino - Italy

The San Vicino is a mountain Umbria-Marche Apennines located along the border between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata.
This mountain has a special feature : view from the south is shaped like a camel's hump , from the north takes on a form tricuspid , and from the east or west looks like an extinct volcano. In some photos taken in conditions of particular visibility of the coast of Croatia , Mount San Vicino is easily recognizable .
On top of the mountain there is a large iron cross . At one time, on Easter Monday , the inhabitants of the neighboring countries used to go on a picnic with Easter pizzas and sausages on top of the mountain.
From time immemorial there is a proverb related to the San Vicino , who helped in the prediction of climate during the winter. There are two versions of the proverb . The first reads: If San Vicino puts a hat, sell your goats and buy a coat ; If San Vicino puts his pants , sell your cloak and buy goats . The hat and breeches ( trousers ) are the clouds which cover , respectively, or the top of the mountain or the base, leaving the top visible in the first case it is expected that it will rain , in the second it will be good weather. In recent times the word " cloak " has been replaced by the more modern "umbrella" .
The second version is that reported by elderly from Frontale di Apiro , the last town on the slopes of the mountain, and is perhaps the most truthful : If San Vicino puts the hat , sell your cloak and buy the goat , if sbraca San Vicino , sell your cloak and buy the goat. The elders of the village say that the hat is not reported to the clouds , but the first snowfall of winter : if this will cover only the top of the mountain the winter will be cold and stiff ( sell the goat and buy the cloak ), if , instead , the first snowfall sbracherà , or will " expand too much," the snow will affect not only the top of the mountain , but also the country ( sell your cloak and buy the goat , because the winter is not will be stiff ) .